Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why I may or may not want to do this

For some reason, I have had the urge to try a blog. I presume I am very late to the game and the blogging is on the outs for whatever is the new thing this days. But I really do not care all that much. This is more for me, and if you get something out of it consider yourself blessed :).

Overall, I am a gamer - mostly table top (Savage Worlds) and video games (Xbox 360 - yes, I know its now last generation, some iPad, etc). I will focus on table top gaming. I will throw a few things out for video games, but that that will have much less emphasis. I may touch on gaming with the family, but I have not decided how much I will focus on that. This is public, and I am not much for sharing private things.

The name of the blog is a catchphrase for my group. We are Buckeyes (National Champs in like 4 or 5 sports in 2014/2015) and we have been Savages for about 4-6 years now. In another posting I'll talk about the awesomeness of Savage Worlds.

I think that is enough to get started.

Also - do not drink and blog.